What is “Qigong” (Chi-Kung)?

« Qi » (pronouced « Chi ») means Literally life energy and

« Gong » means work with commitment.

So we can say that « Qigong » is the way to feel, experience and develop life energy within once body with commitment, patience and perseverance.

It is one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine that comes to prevent and in some cases cure many pathologies. It is a complement to acupuncture, “Tuina” (energy massages) and the Chinese herbal medicine.

Benefits of Qigong.

On the physical level: Improves joint mobility, muscle relaxation and helps to correct posture. Tonifies, stimulates and harmonizes the activity of the internal organs.

On the mental level: Improves concentration, perseverance and awareness of the present moment.

On the emotional level: allows to approach life with a positive attitude, a joy of living and an inner peace.

On the energetic level: Strengthens vital energy and removes stagnations in organs and meridians (energetic canals where vital energy flows and where acupuncturists act to stimulate or disperse this energy as needed)

In our school…

We apprehend the discipline through different axes.

Abdominal breathing and joints mobility are the pillars around which exercises will be practiced.

The emphasis is on a series of swinging, vibrating and stretching routines to acquire mobility, flexibility and power.

Energy gathering, condensing and spreading thru the body for a healthier posture and an upward lifted and well working internal organs