Forms and training tools

Different forms and types of training techniques are used.

These are techniques practiced alone (for example the Taos (forms) or the wooden dummy), or even with a partner (sticky hands or ChiSao, sparring).

Here they are, each presented in detail

The Tao, literally ‘The Way’ and here it means the forms that includes the differents arms and legs techniques,mouves, pivots and steps.

The three empty hands forms.

Siu Nim Tao ( little idea or little concepts), Chum Kiu (getting to the opponent bridge, contacting the bridge, controling the bridge) and Biu Gee ( the thrusting fingers or how to project energy till the fingers and thru them).

The wooden dummy form.

Handcrafted wooden stand, with roles simulating the positions of the arms and legs of an opponent, which allows to experience the sequences and practice without a partner.

The 13 fundamentals that were set up by Sifu Wayne Yung.

13arms movements of the most used Snake Crane Wing Chun techniques, their repetition ensuring that the body memorie them and that he could react instinctively. They are practiced alone or with Partner, in stationary position or in pivot, forward and backward steps.

The “rice chopsticks” and “the rattan ring”

these accessories allow to train many techniques and to develop many abilities without the need of a partner.

The chopsticks serve to stimulate the joints and the force generated by the ligaments and also to make the hands and arms facias elastic and smooth.

The rattan ring allows the individual practice of ChiSao (sticky hands) as an added possiblity to Partner work to deepen the sensitivity at the point of contact, the non-opposition and the capacity to adapt xhile coordinating the two sides of the brain.