Our Approach to Wing Chun


A pillar of Chinese medicine, QiGong allows us to develop awareness of and cultivate our vital energy ("Chi" in Chinese), while harmonising body and spirit. It's an ally of choice in combat, but also in our daily lives.


Efficient self defence techniques that allow everyone to build confidence.

Traditional Wing Chun training of this subtle art popularised by the grand master Ip Man, teacher of the legendary Bruce Lee.


Teaching that encourages your personal development. Know yourself better, and channel your efforts to react fairly in a world of constant change. Integration, adaptability, and mastery of our emotions when faced with the stress of personal and professional life.

Coach privé et directeur technique wing chun côte d'azur
Sifu Ridha LHIBA
Diplômé d'état DE JEPS AEMC
7th generation master of "Snake Crane Wing Chun" of Hong Kong

A passionate team,
constantly evolving courses.

An art inherited from another age,
the concepts couldn't be more modern.


Classes in 2023/2024

Courses start again on Saturday 2nd of September at: 9:00 – 10:00 AM with “Vitality Qigong” 10:00 – 12:00 AM with Wing Chun Kung-Fu Location: 16 Avenue Notre-Dame, 06000 Nice. You can already download your registration form. Trial lesson 15 euros (reimbursed on enrolment). For more information, please contact us on 06 87 29 25 […]

Taoists Principles that inspired Snake Crane Wing Chun

SCWC is a Taoist inspired ancient fighting System. It is the manifestation of Taoist principles in his two kind of hands. Taoism is based on the Yin and Yang principles and their correlations In SCWC The Snake hand represent the Yin aspect, it’s smooth, adaptable and taking the shape of any object it contacts. The […]

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I was looking for a martial arts club with some values ​​and I discovered Sifu Ridha Lhiba. A master endowed with great empathy, so an excellent pedagogue. Respect, humility, wisdom, fraternity, sharing: these values ​​have a meaning here and are shared in the practice of external and internal arts. Thank you SIFU

I exactly found what I’ve been looking for Arnaud / customer manager

Not many people are capable of combining teaching method, understanding of the art, technical quality, and interpersonal skills with such excellence.
I consider myself lucky to have crossed his path 8 years ago. He never hesitates to share his knowledge with patience and passion. I’m grateful to him and hope the road will continue for a long time!

Thorough teaching Jonathan / Engineer

An amazing team

An enriching experience Maureen

A family vibe for an ancestral approach

A relaxed environment. An efficient style Carole / technicien