Self defense

As Master YIP Man* said: “Do not fight, but if you have to do it, let your opponent remember it.”

Wing Chun is a discipline created by people who are basically weaker than their opponents: a woman, a doctor, and non organised rebels who fight for their rights against the government in place. They had to develop something accessible and effective in perilous situations.

Based on the defense and attack of the central line of the human body, superfluous movements are proscribed from this Wu Shu*. There is no question here of demonstration or gala, all the techniques are extremely efficient and dangerous if they are not applied with discernment and responsibility.

In order to allow a constant follow-up and evolution of the practitioners, 6 degrees (soon available in online course) are taught, and the different aspects of the discipline are revealed to the practitioner as he progresses and understands.

Through them you will progress in:

  • The management of emotions (Stress, fear).
  • Better body awareness (Postural alignment, abdominal breathing, mobility and dexterity).
  • The good management of space (coordination).
  • Simple and effective reactions against frontal, lateral and dorsal attacks.
  • Simple and effective reactions against different seizures.
  • Simple and effective reactions against attempts of projections.
  • The application of the best strategy against several attackers.
  • An approach to the handling and défense of bladed weapons.


* Master Ip Man was the teacher of the legendary Bruce Lee

*Wu Shu is the generic name for all Chinese martial arts