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Taoists Principles that inspired Snake Crane Wing Chun

SCWC is a Taoist inspired ancient fighting System. It is the manifestation of Taoist principles in his two kind of hands.

Taoism is based on the Yin and Yang principles and their correlations

In SCWC The Snake hand represent the Yin aspect, it’s smooth, adaptable and taking the shape of any object it contacts.

The Crane hands represent the Yang Aspect. Solid, strong and it allows withstanding incoming force.

In the Taoist way, Yin contains Yang and Yang Contains Yin.

The same is on the snake Hands they have Speed and big range of motions wich is more a Yang aspect.

The Crane Hand (Arm) has to have great flexibility and harmony between the arm, body and floor to can absorb and release great power witch is more Yin Aspect.

Only if we can combine these two different hands we can rich the harmony between Yin and Yang

Then we can be able to use SCWC in a real fight


One thought on “Taoists Principles that inspired Snake Crane Wing Chun

  1. The explanation of Ying and Yang was so amazing and the way that we can use the energy that you explaied, I become so interested about it and want to learn more. Thanks for this information.

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